Suvarnamaya Cream

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Suvarnamaya Cream is an Ayurvedic preparation that contains extracts of pure Raktha Chandanam. This wonder cream is also enriched with essential oils like Vetiver, Turmeric, Almond, Jojoba, Neem, Geranium, Galangal, and Lavender.

Raktha chandanam is known in Ayurveda for its surprising healing powers. Pure Raktha chandanam extracts used in this magical potion help to lighten marks, scars, and dark spots, reduce heat rashes also heal wounds & swelling. Almonds deeply moisturize the skin and add glow. Lavender has soothing, healing, and calming properties

This wonder potion also contains a blend of Narikela extract that nourishes the skin keeping it soft, hydrated, and protected. Raktha chandanam being one of the finest ingredients for skin is primarily used for skincare and beauty purposes thereby improving complexion, reducing pigmentation and blemishes making the skin immensely radiant.

  • Natural anti-oxidant and coolant for the skin.
  • Heals blemishes and pigmentation
  • Lightens marks and scars
  • Repairs sunburn damage

After cleansing and toning take a small amount of Suvarnamaya cream and gently massage using upward strokes on the face and neck.
This can be Only used for a Night Cream

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