Our Story

Embracing the beautiful confluence of comfort, tradition, and passion, "Tharii by Shrutika" is more than just a brand – it's a cherished dream brought to life. This long-awaited venture, lovingly nurtured in the heart of Shrutika, for over a decade, is an intimate reflection of her affection and respect for sarees, the quintessential symbol of grace and elegance in Indian attire.

Shrutika's love for sarees goes beyond their enchanting allure. It's about the emotion they evoke, the comfort they provide, and the vibrant tradition they keep alive with every drape. She believes that sarees are not just garments; they are narratives woven in threads, stories spun in yards, and sentiments spread across vibrant hues.

Each creation under "Tharii by Shrutika" is infused with this deep love and admiration for the art of saree-making. It is a joyous celebration of the intricate dance of weavers' hands, a humble tribute to the painstaking craftsmanship that turns every thread into a masterpiece. 

As much as it is a brand, it's a love letter to every weaver who pours their heart and soul into this timeless art, and to every woman who finds her unique expression in the elegant drape of a saree.

"Tharii by Shrutika" is born out of this admiration, gratitude, and passion. It's an embodiment of Shrutika's dream to drape the world in the comfort and elegance of sarees, and to keep the beautiful tradition of handloom alive. It's a manifestation of her journey, and a heartfelt thanks to those who've made it possible. 

Today, we invite you to share in this joy, embrace the comfort, celebrate the tradition, and be a part of our dream. Welcome to "Tharii by Shrutika," where threads tell tales, and every drape is a dialogue.