Kumkumadi Miraculous Fluid

MRP 1,475.00

Haappy Herbs Kumkumadi Miraculous Fluid is an authentic ayurvedic blend of natural oils and herbs formulated to help the skin to appear youthful, radiant, and nourished. Kumkumadi helps to brighten skin and delay signs of aging, this golden fluid has pure saffron extracts picked across the valleys of Kashmir, provides immense hydration, and improves skin elasticity. It is prescribed in the ancient Ayurveda of Ashtanga Hridaya as an essential beauty treatment for the skin.

Extracts of Manjistha help to even out skin tone & reduce early signs of aging. Yashtimadhu extracts help to protect & improve skin texture. With the goodness of pure ingredients and a precious blend of herbs, this ayurvedic formulation is a wonder potion in a bottle.

A must-have essential for bright, radiant, and rejuvenated skin.

  • Improves and evens out skin tone & makes skin radiant
  • To brighten and illuminate skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces signs of ageing
  • Completely natural and herbal Skin Care
  • Imparts a natural glow on the skin

Taila, Kunkuma, Usira, Kaliya.

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