Hamsa 24k Silver Magical Glow

MRP 898.00

Haappy Herbs Hamsa 24K Silver Magical Glow is a lightweight collagen-boosting serum with the finest herbal extracts of Aloe Vera and Glycerine infused with the purest form of 24K Silver Flakes. Its collagen-boosting property leaves the skin supple and youthful.

Take 2-3 drops of Hamsa 24k Silver Magical Glow on your fingertips and massage into your cleansed face and neck with light, upward, and outwards strokes.

* Restored Elasticity

* Anti Ageing

* Fine line correction

* Minimize appearance of Dark spot

* Glowing Skin

Aloe Vera Extracts, Glycerine, Collagen, Zemea, 24 KT Silver Flakes.

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