Having healthy, supple and radiant skin is our dream. Secret skincare routines are handed over through generations to maintain beautiful skin. The present-day scenario is different. The market is flooded with cosmetics made from chemicals. We can easily buy a chemical-based skin care cream across the counter. Or, do we make a conscious decision to use only organic skin care products? We are always careful about what we eat and drink to stay healthy. Similarly, we need to watch out for what we apply to our skin. 


It takes extra effort to go for organic skincare essentials. Here are the top 4 reasons why it is worth researching skin care products made from natural ingredients before going for the best skin care and hair care products.


  1. Organic skin care solutions have no parabens, allergens and carcinogens in the products. Instead, they are sourced and curated from the purest of ingredients that will rejuvenate and heal the skin naturally. We know that following a healthy lifestyle and diet is good for our well-being. Similarly, what we apply to our skin should be in tandem with the health goals we follow. 


2. Ancient practices of Ayurveda have documented facts on how queens and princesses took care of their skin, hair and body with natural herbs, aromatic flowers and oils. India has a rich history of traditional skin care practices and has a prominent place in the global market. 


3. Natural ingredients are safer for your skin and environment friendly as well. When we use natural products on our skin, there are no side effects and we do not leave harmful footprints on the environment. Switching to organic skincare, hair care and body care essentials will keep our earth safer, cleaner and chemical-free for our future generations.


4. Natural extracts from coconut oil, herbs, fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrition value and your skin benefits from them instantly. Taking our beauty routine back to nature, you will realize how your skin laps up pure, organically sourced ingredients for the skin to feel nourished. The results are amazing and sustainable.


There are many home remedies we can try with ingredients right from our kitchen counter. For example, a simple paste of gram flour, turmeric and yoghurt blended together to make a cooling, soothing face pack after a sultry day. Sandalwood, ubtans, rose water and essential oils can tone, exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and moisturize your skin naturally. 

Different countries have their own practices to keep your skin glowing. Argan oil from Morocco, olive oil from Egypt and minerals from the hot springs of Iceland have a therapeutic effect on the skin. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, your hair and skin need nourishment.

Going back to mother nature is the best way to give your skin the boost to glow healthily!



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