Best Organic Strawberry Lip Balm | Ayurvedic Strawberry Lip Balm



Our Strawberry Tinted lip balm not only hydrates but also keeps your lips moist and fresh with an opulent – red shade. Formulated with Strawberry extract, Castor oil, Jojaba oil, Coconut oil and Vitamin E for intense nourishment, sun protection with SPF 15 and Shimmery finish for all occasions.

Ingredients :

Castor oil, Coconut oil, Strawberry extract

Olivem1000, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Natural bees wax, Kokum butter, Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax.

How to Use:

Apply Strawberry tinted lip balm on lips after your bath or shower.

Repeat whenever you need to apply for soft and nourished lips

Weight4.5 g


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Lip Balm with tint Strawberry MRP: 345