FAQ - Haappy Herbs by Shrutika


Q1. My skin is dry what are the suggested products?

For dry skin the Whitening Day Moisturizer is a boon. It hydrates the skin, improves complexion giving it a nice plump look. Try this along with our Face pack that gives a nice bright, hydrated and well-nourished look to the skin.

Q2. I have oily skin with marks, pigmentation and pimples what are the suggested products?

The Turmeric cream is an excellent choice for that. It does wonders in clearing out the skin. It’s antibacterial in nature and treats the skin from within. Removes excess oil and treating dark circles, marks, pimples and pigmentation.

Q3. What does our Hair oil do?

It treats frizzy hair, naturally smoothens, controls hairfall and regenerates hair growth to a great extent.

Q4. Should I leave the hair oil overnight?

It is not required to soak it overnight, our hair oil is extremely pure, unadulterated and concentrated. Use it before one to two hours before hair wash, weekly thrice is more than enough to create an impact.

Q5. Can kids use the hair oil?

Of course it’s excellent and purely herbal with no added perfume too. For kids it’s recommended to be used weekly once, one hour before hair wash which is more than enough to create an impact.

Q6. What to do if hair oil thickens?

Due to cold weather the hair oil might thicken in texture, as we don’t add any chemicals and it’s in its purest form. If the oil thickens then just put the bottle half immersed in hot water it will liquidify, don’t heat it directly. The oil is amazing for softening the hair and nourishing it. The thickening of the oil is an example of oil in its purest form with no chemical preservatives which is said by many of our customers in our reviews too.

Q7. What is the shelf life of Haappy Herb products?

Turmeric and skin brightening – 18 months

Hair oil – 12 months

Facepack  – 12 months

Serum  – 24 months

Q8. How does the products (creams) get contaminated?

That happens if you place the cream next to any metal or if the lid is not closed properly, also when air seeps in or if water droplets fall in the cream. We don’t use chemical preservatives in our products so any of the above will contaminate the products. In fact we have clients who have mentioned this in the comments and praised our products for being so authentically natural. This never happens if you use chemical preservatives.

Q9. How long do we need to use any of the products to start seeing difference?

We would always recommend give it one month of regular use to start seeing visible differences. Yes for majority skin types it has reacted very well in just 2 to 3 applications. But what we should understand is that there are millions of people with various skin types, so for some it shows results immediately, for some it takes time to show result, also some people it sets well, for some people it may not. We are all different in our own way. Since its herbal it’s safe for majority skin types. We all have different skin types which react differently. Because our products have no chemicals, it’s very rare to develop rashes or allergy, hence it’s safe. Please give it time and regular usage will help for sure.

Q10. How do you claim Haappy Herbs to be a good brand?

No brand has 100 percent satisfied customers, be it any brand in the world, from the biggest to the smallest brand. A good brand means a brand having majority clients who love their products. The most famous and loved brand too will have a minority segment which feel the products doesn’t set well with them , this is because we all have different skin types that react differently and have different allergic reactions. The difference between a good brand and an unpopular one is that the former has majority of clients who feel the products suits them well and in the latter’s case it’s the other way round. When majority feel that the product is not suitable to their skin it becomes unpopular. We are glad that we fall under the former segment.

Q11. The serum gives an excellent glow; can we use the Serum during day too?

Yes you can provided you use it indoors, like to work (inside office), or for a morning wedding or occasion. You can use it like a pre makeup base or even without make up to get that lovely shine. Just avoid direct exposure to sun because its sensitive to too much heat as some of the ingredients used like certain herbs can get irritable when exposed to extreme heat. But the serum can be used outdoor if it is used in the evening.

Q12. Which is the best time to use the Serum?

The serum is an evening wear. You can wear it outdoors, during outings or even while at home. If at home 2 hours is enough to create an impact as our products are absolutely unadulterated, pure and concentrated. Also serum is not like a repair treatment so two hours is enough to create an impact it nourishes the face and gives radiance. If you are outdoors with it there is no harm you can leave it for longer hours. They are totally natural and safe. Make sure you wash your face once you get back, before you go to bed, because when anything is applied on the face, not only the Serum but any product or make up and you step out, minute dust particles are bound to get stuck to the skin which is unseen to the naked eye. So it’s best to wash face before bedtime.

Q13. If used during make up when to use the Serum?

Yes not all but few with very sensitive skin may experience a slight tingling sensation which is very normal caused by one of the herbs used which is in fact  very good for the skin and will subside within two minutes post application.

Q14. Do we experience a slight tingling sensation when applying the Serum?

Yes not all but few with very sensitive skin may experience a slight tingling sensation which is very normal caused by one of the herbs used which is in fact  very good for the skin and will subside within two minutes post application.

Q15. Is the turmeric cream a bedtime cream?

Of course turmeric cream is a heavy cream because it’s a repair treatment for the face. Wash face and directly apply turmeric cream on your face just before you hit the bed and rinse once u wake up. It is a bedtime cream as repair creams works best when the skin is at rest while not exposed to pollution, UV Rays etc . hence only during bedtime application is recommended. Rinse once you wake up and your skin is ready to face all the external factors as it’s treated and well protected already.

Q16. I follow CTM (Cleanse+ Tone+ Moisturize) during nights .How do I apply turmeric cream?

If u follow CTM please do it in the mornings. Night just cleanse your face and directly apply the turmeric cream as it naturally tones and moisturizes and treats most skin problems on its own.

Q17. When do I apply the day moisturizer?

The best time to apply the day moisturizer is mornings within 3 mins post shower. Make sure your face is cleansed well, you can use a toner(optional) and then the moisturizer or directly cleanse and apply the moisturizer too.

Q18. Does the day moisturizer have SPF? If yes how much?

Yes it does have SPF so u can use it outdoors too. Since its all natural sun protection it’s tough to give an exact number will be approximately around 30. You can apply an extra sun bloc on top if you are used to using with high SPF.

Q19. Can we apply makeup or compact powder on top of the moisturizer?

Of course you can, just make sure you wash your face once you are back home in the evenings.

Q20. Does the moisturizer make it sweaty?

That completely depends on your skin type. Most good moisturizers don’t clog pores. If your skin type is dry it gets absorbed leaving no sweat if it’s oily then you may sweat a little. In that case don’t rub or wipe just dab with a clean kerchief and should subside within a couple of mins.

Any good moisturizer doesn’t clog pores, we work on permanent results. When applied on regular basis you will see an excellent improvement in your skin tone and complexion within one month of regular use. When you wash your face and your skin has nothing on it and if you have used our skin moisturizer regularly you can see an evident improvement in your complexion.

Q21. How much moisturizer to apply on the skin?

For Indian skin type (predominately oily or combination) and for Indian climatic conditions (predominately hot) very little moisturizer on the face is more than enough to create an impact. If you are travelling to a colder place or if you live in a colder place then you can use lavish amount of moisturizer as it prevents lines wrinkles premature aging and keeps the skin well hydrated.

But during summers especially for oily skin very little quantity every day is recommended. So u can use it accordingly based on your skin type and the climatic condition. Be it any skin type, moisturizer is compulsory to keep your skin well hydrated and nourished.

Q22. When do we use the face pack and what does it exactly do?

Face pack can be used anytime of the day. Don’t dilute it with water or anything. First wash your face and directly apply a thick layer of our face pack on your face and neck and let it rest for 30 mins and then rinse it with plain water you will experience a slight tingling sensation that is because it naturally bleaches the face and removes dead skin leaving the skin super soft, bright and plump. You can apply it around the eye too but make sure it doesn’t go inside the eye. This gives a facial effect, a savior before any party or function makes your skin look radiant.

Q23. How often to use the face pack?

You can use it weekly twice or thrice as its completely natural .You can forget about chemical bleaches which might harm your skin eventually. This face pack naturally bleaches your skin and in fact does so much good to the skin.

Q24. Does the turmeric cream leave a yellow color?

Absolutely no. It easily washes away leaving no yellow color on skin.

Q25. Can men use our products?

Of course all our products are unisex. We have so many Male clients who love our Hair oil, Moisturizer, Serum, Face pack in fact even the turmeric cream as it’s only a bedtime repair cream “leaving no yellow color when wash”. Turmeric cream alone men can apply all over face n neck except, beard n mustache area. Rest of our facial products can be used by men on the entire face and neck.