The Skin Glow Enhancer Serum

MRP 945.00

This Ayurvedic Potion is an essential illuminating serum. It is enriched with saffron which gives an instant glow leaving a natural shine on the face making the skin look healthy and radiant. USE ONLY 3 TO 4 DROPS . There will be a Tingling sensation when applied for 3 to 5 Mins . 

Take a few drops of the Glow Serum and apply on a cleansed face, massage gently using upwards strokes for an instant natural glow. The serum can be used with make up too as a base to get a beautiful glossy look.

There Will be a Tingling Sensation for 3 to 5 Mins after Application .
Best suited for evening wear. Rinse before bedtime.

Stop Using it if irritation occurs even after 30 minutes of application .

Vanilla oil, olive oil, almond oil ,saffron extract, patchouli oil, tea tree extract, glycerin sesame oil ,cherry extract, squalene ,rosehip oil.


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