Aloe Vera Gel

MRP 595.00

Most recommended in Ayurveda for its skin benefits is Aloe Vera Gel . Haappy Herbs Aloe  vera is made with single press extracts of pure Aloe vera and ashwagandha  from fertile valleys of India . This pure Single pressed HH Aloe vera gel carries many benefits , it  acts as a skin moisturizer, prevents acne , treats  sunburn and minimizes signs of ageing . the anti inflammatory property of Aloe vera gel are great for hair. It also prevents frizz and dryness in hair and promotes scalp health . HH Aloe vera gel is a lightweight , non greasy Nourishing gel that absorbs into the skin in no time and gives complete and thorough hydration to the dry areas and keeps the skin well protected and moisturized

Pure Aloe vera extract, Ashwagandha, Dm water, Carbomer, Hydagen aquaporin, Propylene glycol, Glycerin -2gm, Wheat germ oil, Niacinamide, Phenoxy ethanol, Aloe care, Tri ethanol amine

Apply Haappy Herbs Aloe Vera Gel gently with your fingertips. To Get the full benefit, dab it lightly on your face. There's no need to deeply massage in into your skin. suitable for normal to dry and combination skin types.

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